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 benifits/ how to donate

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benifits/ how to donate Empty
PostSubject: benifits/ how to donate   benifits/ how to donate EmptyMon Aug 27, 2012 12:14 am

*note* only donate to rift or duel lore
it is worth donating i love it Very Happy

how to donate-tell rift or duel lore i would like to donate
how much to donate-$5.00 or more through paypal, and/ or 5m or more rsgp
benifits of donating-
-donar island,has shops with donar only items, a donar only mini game with awsome neckless and 4 custom teleports.
-donar tab/ button with gives instant tasks, switch spell books, and tele to donar island
-spins($1.00=2 spins,1m=2 spins etc.)(special is $10.00 or 10m =30 spins)spins has rares such as p hats
-chest(if u donate $5.00 or 5m if not more)
-donar rank for yell and general chat(if u donate $5.00 or 5m or more)
-other specials are $2.00 or 2m per crystal key

also helps keep server running
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benifits/ how to donate
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