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 summioning guide

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PostSubject: summioning guide   summioning guide EmptyMon Aug 27, 2012 1:07 am

*how to summioning*
Hi!!! Smile so u want to get 99 summioning? well this it a fast guide from level 1. to start this guide start at home.
buy 83 raw chickens, buy 83 gold charms, buy 83 pouches and buy 664 spirit shards from "pikkupstix" and bank them. Now that you have all this remove all charms, pouches, shards, and 25 chickens from your bank. now use the chickens on the pouches. repeat till u get 36 summioning then buy around 500 pouches and blue charms with 7-10 spirit shard packs, and start getting bronze bars from "pikkupstix" then use on the pouches as before then bank them repeat till u can use the next time of bar.
bronze bar= lvl 36
iron bar= lvl 46
steel bar= lvl 56
mithril bar= lvl 66
adamant bar= lvl 75
rune bar= lvl 88
keep doing this till you get 99 this is the easy method but it really fast,Also if u need shards and cant afford the packs pm me in game on "white ninja" and ill give u 25k shards to get started, goodluck on 99. Very Happy
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summioning guide
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